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Computer Guy



Remote Support, Network Management

As we rely ever more heavily on digital infrastructure effectively utilizing Computer systems can make or break organizations and individuals. SlatteryIT is committed to being your source for assistance with all your digital needs. As an experienced contractor having worked in hundreds of different company environments I bring perspective regarding best practices to optimize your digital infrastructure. 




All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.





Network Management

Just like cars, Computers networks require maintenance to perform well. Network monitoring is crucial for any business that relies on reliable internet access to be able to work in today's digital age. 



Many business are moving to Cloud first environments, however, local servers are still instrumental in managing larger environments. SlatteryIT has experience in the initial setup of servers, Server-Client application configuration, Virtuilization and clustering as well as high availability in both Hyper-V and VMWare enviorments.   



Wireless Networks, whether for the Conference room or the Waiting room are instrumental in today's businesses. SlatteryIT has extensive experience configuring single and multi-point WiFi systems to meet you and your client's needs. 



Remote Support - Anywhere, Anytime

Do you only need support a few hours a month or for a short project? SlatteryIT is your source for high quality remote support that is as flexible as your business requires. 



As more and more services are based on digital systems, SlatteryIT can provide security training as well as strategies to guarantee data retention in the event of computer/server failure, or Network Compromisation. 


Basic Website setup and management

Need a simple webpage to represent your business online? SlatteryIT can assist you in creating an attractive affordable digital presence.